Fire Risk Assessment

Inspections and Audits

Understanding and controlling fire risks is something that Focus Fire Risk Management take very seriously

It is required by law that those responsible for a property ensure that, as a first step, all fire risks are identified and documented.

This is where a fire risk assessment comes in. Our Fire safety audits are appraisals on commercial or private property and their fire risk documents to ensure that your property is being managed in relation to its fire safety.

Fire Risk Assessments

In order to ensure the safety of residents and staff in any property it is required that an up-to-date fire risk assessment exists. Our fire risk assessment reports will also cover actions needed to comply with current legislation and cover actions that ensure fire safety levels are maintained at all times. Having this assessment carried out by our qualified and competent individuals provides peace of mind to both owners and users of a building.

Fire Audits

Focus Fire Risk Management’s Fire safety audits will help you to quickly assess your current premises and the relevant documents relating to existing hazards and fire safety. This will then allow you to manage actions such as fire safety action plans, fire drills, fire safety training and other key elements designed to ensure a safe working or living environment for those you are responsible for.

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