Passive fire protection

Installation & Certification

Focus Fire Risk Management are fully qualified to address all your requirements for passive fire protection

Our focus is on ensuring that only quality and certified products are installed and because of this we can certify their installation through the BM TRADA Q Mark program.

We work closely with certified Passive Fire protection suppliers to provide the most cost effective and efficient passive fire protection solutions for our clients.

We install passive fire protection

Current UK Building Regulations require effective compartmentation to prevent the spread of fire within a building. This means that anywhere that fire, smoke and gasses occur they must remain where they have originated for as long as possible. Focus Fire Risk Management certified specialists work with our clients to see that they comply with building regulations (both domestic and commercial) and their current fire risk assessments to keep their staff and buildings safe.


Focus Fire Risk Management comply to the Q-Mark Passive Fire Protection Installation scheme which is based on training an individual who takes responsibility for the training and work carried out by several operatives. The scheme is designed to ensure that all Passive Fire Protection is being installed correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or appropriate guidelines.

Want to know more about regulations?

We've put together a handy guide for everything fire doors, passive fire protection, and regulations & legislation.

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